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CO.CC free domain just vanished???ouch...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have just found out this morning after checking my blogs that My Shimmering Works blog were no longer appearing on the internet and it is so frustrating oh my head! I thought it' was just a down time on blogspot but it's just my site that is not appearing so I gooled it and found out the sad news about .CO.CC free domain and million other site using this co.cc was blocked by google due to spam/abuse and not legally registered TLD. I am one of those unfortunate affected by this BIG incident on the internet because I am using .co.cc domain for my other blog (My Shimmering Works) and now I am lost, back to basic and I don't know where to start  though my works was still there but I have to manually edit links, pages, and most of all the advertiser's script on my site and resubmit again to search engines ohhh my! that's a lot of work to do, and now I have learned my lesson that if you're into getting serious into making the site earning and stable you should have to get a reliable and well known domain such as .com, .net, .org etc. though it wil cost you but in the future it's worth it, well... I will definitely get one sometime, the sad new ends here and a new beginning for a simple blogger like me , who hate spammers as you do, who abide the rules and never done anything bad and illegal, well... that's me! just wanting to have a taste for " free " and it taste awful!.

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