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Annoying ads from Globe

Saturday, October 27, 2012

About 3 days ago, and I just not notice but it pop up so clearly and it's really annoying!...I thought it was a malware or virus because it's just popping up on every site I visit good thing for me is I practice every time that I don't click on links, images, or sites that I don't recognize and visit, so my initial reaction after seeing this ads from globe that until now is appearing on my browser is to scan my system for a possible virus or malware and good for me my system is clean so I googled about this annoying ads from them and I've read so many globe tatoo subscribers also experiencing this and it's not good. Here's a sample of it:

let's add how it pop -up this big

Isn't it so annoying? that's why I can't help but to complain just like many others...I've search on how can I get this out of my system and some says you need an application to block it but I'm not a computer geek to do this and afraid of the risk also,  I've also read that GLOBE already dropped the implementation of this Globe itool bar last may 2012  but why it's still my system (10/25/2012) ??? Why? Now, just hoping that one day I will not see this annoying ad's from Globe anymore.  


Closet clean up time - HTC Touch pro / Fuze

Friday, October 19, 2012

Closet clean up time and here this HTC phone got my attention I rarely use it because it was a spare phone no wonder this phone still in 98% smooth cosmetic and very good condition, it is indeed a very nice phone with Windows mobile 6.1 OS however since android phone got it's way up while Windows Mobile was left behind...I obviously turn my side to android phone since it's the latest and much user friendly interface considering lot's of free apps to download, I can't help but compare them and I can't deny it, I am an android fan. For the record HTC is one of the best brand on mobile phones so I am proud I got one from the best...anyways since I rarely used it and I need money for my expenses I need to let go of this best phone and you can also have it as it was available for sale on my ebay.ph listings so you can buy with confidence check out my other items too. I can accept paypal payment if buyer is willing to shoulder paypal fees, widrawal fees and other charges. For complete specifications and user reviews visit GSM Arena


Another art work by me...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

As promised I will post my other art work using CS3 as digital drawing entry last year on Pxleyes, I don't know if you will like it but for me it's my baby, in fact I used my favorite singer Jennifer Lopez as an inspiration, I made a portrait of her and I really love it. I concentrate more on the face as you can see it's more detailed than the background so that the face will be more appealing, anyway it's a portrait and not a photo right? do I really capture the looks? well...that's according to them, overwhelming compliments I got  but unfortunately I didn't win because there were more better entries and considering that a newbie like me, I have more, so much more to be learned nevertheless I am so proud of my art work.


Computer keeps freezing, crashing and more...ATAPI error SOLVED...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I recently installed a new sata hard drive on my computer to serve as a back up for my files doing so is necessarily because I have lost a lot of my personal files, I'm not a a computer geek nor an expert in this field but I solved this problem by trial and error just like any other troubleshooting method and also by the help of the internet. After my recent install was a success i think, because my computer read the hard drive and I can successfully transferred files from my other drives,but the next day after I boot my computer it start to reboot and windows 7 OS was taking time to load,the it's freezing, hanging,and crashing...I'm so troubled, I can't use my computer normally, applications were not responding and it is so annoying...I thought it was a virus or a Malware so after a long wait for my antivirus to respond I quickly run a system scan but no to avail my antivirus were not responding again, I thought I will loose my files again because the least thing I can do is to system repair or format my computer that will cost me a fix. Before doing so, I happen to think about my recent installed hard drive as maybe the culprit because my computer start to act abnormal after the install so I checked for errors at the event viewer and there I found a lot of error regarding EVENT ID: 11 source ATAPI error and it quotes " The driver detected a controller error on device/ide/ide port2. I googled it and found that it was really the culprit so I unplugged the recent installed drive, tried different sata cable also the ide to sata power cable reboot the computer and works like a charm now, no freezing, crashing and more...Good thing is I'm so lucky because it was the sata cable that is faulty and not the controller on the mother board unlike the other issues I have read in the internet.thumbs up for me!.

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