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Do you know about GERD???

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I decided to make a post about GERD because most of the people doesn't know about it although they may sometimes felt the same feelings, signs and symptoms but they does not know what it is, sad to say but I personally is having this and it's so annoying!!! it was first started after giving birth to my 3rd child I think?because that's also the start of a sudden weight lost, I have a bloated stomach before and after eating so I can't eat as much as I want, I'm having a heart burn until I palpitate so often, I thought it was just because I'm also a coffee person and palpitations was just normal if you drink coffee but I started to reduce coffee intake but the feeling was still remains I often felt stomach pain that hurts, so I decided to consult my cardiologist and internist and found out I'm having a GERD (Gastroesophangeal Reflux Disease) and my doctor prescribe "Nexium" . after taking it for two weeks ( if I'm not mistaken because it's been almost 3 yrs. ago) I was a total relieved for me palpitations just ease and pain subsides but then again... I'm just a person, I got pregnant again and history repeats it's self  LOL! means I started to feel the acid reflux again, some palpitations ans stomach pain but more severe this time...

I googled all about GERD and I found a lot of useful information available and treatments for it and it helps a lot in my condition but then my friend introduced me to a kind of therapy that I believe why not give it a try because it is natural and healthy and so far works so well...that's what I will share on my next post. 


A Bit about Roseola Infantum...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This post was supposed to be made last week but due to my 11th month old baby's condition I got no chance to make  a post about it, I really wanted to make a post about " Roseola Infantum" because just like others who used to experienced this kind of contagious illness of their babies will give them some information, ideas and probably some piece of mind when this happened. Being a mom has lot of responsibilities especially when you're having a baby to taken cared of, and when there is something happening in your kids health that you doesn't know it's kinda freakin' and scary although I already have 4 kids but it's my first time to encounter this "Roseola Infantum". I'm so bothered and afraid that it could be "Dengue" a very deadly disease bought by mosquito bites because the signs and symptoms of "Roseola Infantum" were almost the same as "Dengue".

What is "Roseola Infantum"?
          ( Tigdas Hangin in Filipino )Is a mild viral illness of sudden onset ans short duration that most commonly affect young children 6 - 24 months of age although young teens and adult may also be infected because it is a contagious illness.
           Roseola infantum  is primarily caused by a virus called Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) and less commonly in human Herpesvirus 7 (HHV-7), Roseola is spread from person to person and is not very contagious the signs and symptoms may vary depending on the age of the patient. " in my case my 11 month old baby has a low grade fever in the first day and in the 2nd day a sudden high fever and in the 3rd day pinkish spot and rashes rapidly developed start in the head to face downward until the whole body covered with rashes, the only thing that keeps me not so worried about is that my baby keeps playing despite of having a fever especially when the rashes appear the fever almost subside, I just give a paracetamol for his fever, I learned that this illness is self limited so it needs to run its course and there is no straightforward measures to prevent this condition but proper hygiene and healthy diet are necessary to prevent this illness... thanks to the internet I got this very helpful information I needed to have some piece of mind.


My first paypal withdrawal to my BPI Direct Account

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm so excited at first because for at last I will be able to withdraw my Paypal funds to my BPI Direct account I waited for it to reach at least 5 thousand pesos all in all including my earnings and payments from my ebay listings I carefully read the terms and charges of Paypal withdrawals and as I understand that Paypal charge 50 pesos withdrawal fee for 6,999 below and free for 7,000 pesos above so was charged 50 pesos that doesn't bother me and I'm so happy after 2-3 days I got it already on my BPI Direct Account but it's 150 pesos short,  I kinda wonder why??? but because BPI has it's own Express online banking I got the chance to see my BPI transactions and I found out that the 150 pesos short was deducted by BPI. Anyways I can't do anything about it I'll just charged it to my experience...anybody here knows what is the best way to withdraw paypal funds? with less bank charges?



Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love to take photos I actually having a digital camera beside me every time I go out and wherever I go, so if ever there's a need to use it, a nice views to capture and memories not to forget I'm always ready and I will surely not missed it...just like this butterfly I have captured actually this butterfly was up above me it's approximately 9-12 feet up above a coconut tree I just used my digital cameras Zooming features and didn't expect I can capture a clear shot as this...really love my camera!
I also taken a shot of  a tiny yellow flower and it captures excellently! you can see it in my next post and a lot more here. "A bit of Everything"


Just another butterfly photo...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just another butterfly photo by me...this photo was taken a week ago after a rainy morning and the sun raise up and shine so bright it's really a very nice time to take photos because after the rain surely butterflies will come out in the open to find food and while they were so busy I got the chance to take a good shot and this is it!
I was supposed to post about this right after it was taken but got no time because I got busy with my baby and my mom.
In fact right at this moment I have bunch of things to do after this, I just can't take the worries that I might loose my dear readers if I will not update this blog often so please do bare with me anyways I do have another butterfly shot again and many more photos to come and hoping to have lot's of lot's of time to blog.


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Monday, August 30, 2010

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Tinie Tiny Butterfly Photo by me...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well...I'm so happy because I'm getting back to my passion in taking photos of everything  that is beautiful including myself!!!! wow! haha...no but kidding aside as I've said last post upgraded my Digital Camera from 4.1 mega pixel to 8.3 mega pixel digital camera not the high end one but I think It take good quality photos too and I simply love it!

Take a look to another butterfly photo I personally captured, this butterfly is so tiny but still I'm able to capture it beautifully...Wow! I love it! I think I really have the eye in photography, do I? what do you think?


My Art Work while my internet was down...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I really am sorry to all my dear readers for not updating my blog this fast few days due to again...internet connection problem. they had to change the modem it was damage because of the lightening that hits our neighbors outdoor antenna we're so lucky until I found out we are also affected my broadband modem was damaged and also my computers Lan card so I had to buy a new one...anyways while waiting for my connection, I became busy as usual with my love in arts I draw using photoshop I wanted to share this to everybody who likes it just leave me a message here it is:


You can use this image as wallpaper or whatever you like...I hope you like it ! Also make some blog buttons

 I personally hand painted these blog buttons/badges you can just put your blog name there I can also do personalize buttons/badges with your own idea for free but I would like to have the credits in any way.
After downloading leave me a message that you grab it and feedback as well to help me improved thanks! more to come...
Enjoy and  Happy Blogging!!! 


Great Shoes at its best Price

Monday, July 26, 2010

If you are planning to buy a shoes online it is important to find a right quality shoes, here I find "Clark Shoes" that is known for its comfort, quality and durability for many years now and offers thousands of quality shoes, sandals, wedges, women's shoes, men's shoes et al, so you are assured of without even seeing it personally because you can compare prices within the shoe section to find the right  "Clark Shoes" at its best price and before you buy you can get details, product reviews, shipping guides and tips, also take advantage of their Free Shipping offer.

Here I found this lovely Clark South beach Wedge Sandals

South Beach by Clarks at Zappos.com

South Beach by
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I really love this Wedge it looks fresh, fashionable and trendy with full grained leather upper in a criss-cross design, adjustable strap and soft insole, cushioning and support for instant comfort. I can imagine myself wearing this lovely wedge without my ankle getting hurt while strolling around, I can use it anywhere in any occasion and will compliment to any of my outfits, wow!!! I'm having a day dream with this wedge sandals...How I wish I can have this wedge sandals...well... I should start saving now.


Amazing Photos from Dreamstime

Guy's I wanted to share to you what I have found because of my passion in photography though I'm not a professional photographer or maybe I wanted to be one...hoping! I'm just browsing around the net for a free photos and I got into this site Dreamstime.com and I find it so interesting and I love their photos here's a sample of it.

Isn't so beautiful? I bet you do agree with me plus the fact that you can download it for free but of course terms and conditions applied before downloading, they have thousands of free stock photos, they have High Resolution quality photos available for purchase for as low as 10.35 Php wow! it's kinda dirty cheap right? Another thing, especially to us bloggers it is important to have photos in our blog post right? so whether you're a photographer,web designer or a blogger we need photos, so I decided to immediately sign up for an account in case I need photos for my blog I'll just search for free stock photos or purchase one will be a great help.
And before I forgot after I signed up and read terms and I saw this referral program where you can earn commission by referring prospective photographers and buyers or just spread the words of "Dreamstime Stock Photography" and if you are a photographer you can earn by uploading your own quality photos.

Pink Rose Photo is brought to you by Dreamstime Stock Photography.


My Butterfly Photo

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It took me 100 years to finally took this butterfly photo lol! kidding aside it's so hard to take photos with moving subject it took me a lot of shots to finally have a very nice capture of this butterfly maybe the butterfly permitted me to take a photo of her after so long of waiting haha..I even talked to her like a crazy and desperate one but I think it works hehe...

and I'm proud of my work see how beautiful the butterfly posed and say "cheese" lol! I really love to take photos of everything that is beautiful including myself haha...anyways I just used a 4.1 mega pixel camera sony cybershot digital camera and it's works amazingly what more on a high end cameras?that is why I upgrade and  already bid on an 8.3 megapixel digicam not latest but much better though,or anybody wants to share their blessings and buy me a 12 megapixel digital camera? I  prefer Canon or Sony cybershot wow! choosy!...haha! what do you think?do I have the guts to be a photograper?lol! love it!...


I'm Back...with late news to share

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weee..It's nice to be back blogging after a week of boring times without internet connection and power supply here in our place because of the recent storm at last my internet is back now hope it won't failed again haha...although I've read in the news that there will be another low pressure oh my! hope this won't give us such destruction like the recent storm "basyang" take a look of the photo below.

This photo was taken the day after the storm we woke up with a super strong wind and noisy sound of  the roofs and we checked out we found the roof and the fences were blown by the wind and some roofs were not ours imagine that...we're still so lucky it's just that compare to others that half of their homes were devastated.
Many establishment and properties suffered and lives were lost in the town proper because of the huge cargo ships, huge barge.been cast away in the mariveles brake water and more fishing boats sank, I personally seen this horrible tragedy  I just don't have my camera to take a shot because I left it at home and didn't know I will be heading towards the exact place where it happened, I'm just going that time to the market to buy foods and supplies...Oh my Gosh! the only words slipped to my mouth and get out of there quickly because I can't bear to see those dead bodies tsk...tsk..tsk..

here's the link of the news of sea tragedy in bataan:

Life is just like that, too short... so live with a meaningful life, love your life and make the most out of it that's what I've learned.


I missed blogging...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh My!...I really missed blogging it's been almost a week know but up to this moment I have internet connection problems because of the recent storm "Basyang", as of the moment I have 2G connection or a slow connection that's why I can't post with images even this post it took me a while to complete loading...oh so sad!because I missed you all guy's the blog hoping, reading blog posts while leaving footprints of my blogs,my readers and visitors I love to hear your comments and my co-bloggers out there hey! I see I missed a lot of your blog post well...I should read it as soon as my internet is okey.

To all my Pre-Birthday Giveaway entries I will get back to you soon and update your entries, I have so much ideas to post and news to share about the happenings here just like the recent storm"Basyang" well...it's too late for me to broadcast, it's been in the news and televisions, I personally experienced and saw the destruction caused by "basyang" that left us ruined properties and establishments and many lives were lost.

I'm so thankful we are safe now without any harm done just a small roof blown by the wind and broken fences.and some of our plants were devastated plus the internet connection up to now huhu!!!

anyways, I'll be back soon...


My Pre - Birthday Giveaway Contest

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look at this fabulous New York & Co.purple hematite finish double strand necklace at $ 20.00 value isn't so beautiful? wanna have this For free? I'm sure it's yes!..well...not only this look at the other photos below...all of that beautiful jewelries will be yours for free in my "Pre-Birthday Giveaway Contest".

Since it's the month of July, my Birthday is coming near whowww!...I'm getting younger and younger haha... so I would like to give this jewelries to one lucky winner of this Giveaway. 

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When your done with gaining an entry just post a comment about the details of your entries plus your name and url I will manually check and update your entries...This Pre-Birthday Giveaway is Open July 8, 2010 and will last on Aug 15, 2010  and I will post the winner exactly on My Birthday Aug 22, 2010 - 8:00 pm Philippine Time.

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New Blog with my own domain

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's been awhile since my last post here I've been busy establishing another blog because of a new domain name given to me as a gift of a new friend "Riz" I'm so thankful because of this I really like to have my own domain and take note this domain name carried my name so I should have it known...I hope! haha...I'm inviting you guys to visit it and post a comment or feedback thank you!

here's a snap shot of it, to view full and visit my new blog click: My Frecious 


Want to Win a $300 Designer Bag?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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New Blog header by me...

I used to change my blog Header because I want something unique that will reflect my personality and my likes finally after sometime...using my imagination and creativeness I have made this fabulous "Bouquet of flowers blog header" that will surely catch every eyes of my readers but please bear with me if you see some flaws because I'm not a professional designer just an amateur with artistic heart..hope you like it!

 And also my other blog "My Shimmering Works" I changed the header to this hope you also like it!

If you think you like it or not... please feel free to leave a comment or feedback anything from you will help me improved my works..thanks!


I Love Roses...

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Garden of  Roses...I took a shots of my roses in our mini garden just because I love flowers especially roses it really adds beauty in the surroundings but do you know that aside of garden beauty it brings, it also gives a lot of benefit for everyone?.

The name Rose comes from french, Rose perrinial flower shrub or vine of genus rosa in Rosaceae family that contains over 100 species and comes variety of colours.
Rose flower has been used in perfumes for centuries,
Rose water, made from rose oil used in asian and middle eastern cuisine while "Rose Syrup" is an extract from rose petals which french is known for it, this french rose syrup is used to make rose scones and marshmallows in the united states, rose hips are occasionally made into jam, jelly, and marmalade.

It is also used as Rose tea because of its high Vitamin C content.
Rose hip seed oil used in skin products and some make-up products.
Roses are very essential from "Florists" for ornamental purposes commonly used a flower bouquet for an occasion its exquisite beauty brings colors and life  to the occasion.

Roses also used as a simple token of affection and love of a man to a women so it's is very useful in a man courting a woman who wanted to win the heart of the woman...I remember my hubby always gave me a bunch of white roses and he succeeded...maybe because he gave me white roses he told me that is a symbol of pure intentions of love and I believed in him until now.

Giving roses to our love ones are very common but still is a must for it symbolizes our feelings, affections, and love.


Newbie Photo shots of nature...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm just walking around our compound when this hairy bee caught my attention and immediately after I just grab my digital camera to take a shot of it, I'm having a hard time taking this shot because the bee was so busy flying from a flower to another flower until I got the chance to take my shot and this is it...I'm enjoying watching this bee while sipping the sweet nectar of the flower to another flower while the pollen collects its body and this involves a "Pollination" it is a necessary step in the reproduction of flowering plants resulting in production of offspring.
Pollination requires consideration of "pollinizers" the term pollinizers and pollinators are often confused, "Pollinizers" is the plant that serves as a pollen source for other plants while the "Pollinator" is an agent that moves the pollen whether it is a bee, flies, bats, moths, or birds. Some plants are self fertile or can pollinate themselves.

While enjoying taking shots of the bee I craved for more interesting shots and this is the second shot I took... it interests me because I noticed the color of this insect I am confused if it is a fly or what it looks like a big fly but the color is like a bee, I never seen this before isn't it interesting?

I am amazed of this photo I never imagine I could take a shot as beautiful as this well...I guess it;s my camera I should give credits...this tiny ant climbing down the stem of this plant a lovely scene captured by a novice like me wow! it's really so rewarding...I'm beginning to love photography.

See more photos to come!!!


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Scam Email from Paypal????Beware!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Everyday I received a lot of spam emails on my yahoo account I see to it that I read all those spam very well why?not because I like it but because of the fact that I learned from it...I learned how to distinguished a valid email from a spam although my email provider already filtered it but there's still there are some who goes to my inbox anyway, I'm not that person who is easily  be scammed,  well..that's right! I practice the saying that in order for you not to be scammed think as a scammer first...that's really true. I doesn't give my personal/private information to whom I cannot trust...I doesn't believe in any emails I received daily without any idea why I'm receiving it also especially when there's a link from it that requires any personal information to input for any reason or verification purpose needed...be aware that's the key...

Here's a sample of a scam email I have received from they acclaimed to be Paypal...????

This is a snap shot of it from my browser just click the image to zoom...written in Spanish while my Paypal account used English, apply for some logic this is commonly used to confused the receipient not to understand and just click on the link.
What I understand is that my Paypal account is temporarily suspended due to failure to access the Paypal account using a dynamic IP address. for me to access again I have to click the link. wow! that's because I can't believe it and I'm confused I think trice if I will click the link... then I decided to go directly to Paypal homepage from my browser then access my account and I found that this email is a total fraud,scam.
And now I'm thankful to my instinct lol!, this post is for everyone who has a Paypal account be aware and as much as possible don't use link from emails to access your private, confidential especially financial account, just go directly to their homepage or much better for security reasons use private browsing.


See Natures wonders in our Backyard...

Isn't so relaxing looking for the wonders of nature? well for me it is...that is why I can't help myself taking photos of natures wonder in the comfort of our own backyard and this is what I saw a beautiful flower, this flower is a single flower that looks a bouquet of flowers isn't it? actually I didn't know about this flower so I searched about it and found out that this is what they call "Coronitas" (scientific name: Lantana camara L.) here in the Philippines it was called "Kantutay" hmmm..sounds awful lol! anyway I love the colors of it and the flower itself disregard the name...Lol!

Next... if you haven't take time to look at a Guava tree you wouldn't notice it has a beautiful flower...This is actually the flower of a Guava fruit isn't it so beautiful?

English name: Guava
Tagalog name: Bayabas
Scientific name:Psidium guajava L.

Guava fruit has a lot of health benefits,nutritional values and also used in culinary and medicinal purposes,in folk medicine it is known to be a remedy for diarrhea ,dysentery and fever while extract from guava leaves or bark are implicated in therapeutic mechanism against cancer,bacterial infections,inflammation and pain.  

This photo interests me because I don't know why this Santol leaves looks ugly as it is...it's kinda different amongst other some says that there are micro organisms live there the clusters that gives an ugly look of the leaves is actually their home..
Another thing is that I really like the santol fruit especially if it is sweet I actually swallowed some of  the seeds of it but then I found out that the seeds of santol is inedible and can actually caused intestinal perforation if swallowed thank God it didn't happened to me.

It's harvest time! but before that I've just take a shot of it that includes this army of ants whooow...be careful... it hurts when it bites..this ants called "karag" here in our place.
This Guyabano or "Sour sop" is somewhat says "The Fruit that heals" and I personally believed in it...click the link for full details.

These are some of natures wonder in our backyard and a lot more...imagine if you go out in the wild there might be thousands or million or billions of wonders,species you can see.. that's so interesting!

See more interesting photos to come...


Check this Contest...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guys I was invited to join this contest and Amazing prize awaits...check this link for full details "My daily moods"
please let us support her contest and other blog as well...
1. momsapinas.com
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Open for everyone and winner will be announce on July 19,2010...


just another newbie discovery in photoshop....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just another discovery in photoshop...For a newbie like me every amazing things I discover is a great stepping stone for a lot more...I'm just experimenting in photoshop when I accidentally hit the clone stamp tool I know clonning is for copying something so I tried it using alt then click and wow! amazing...I cloned the lavander flower the original flower is just two holding my daughter I cloned it  four times  as you can see in the photo it is obviously clone because you can see the details is not well formed but try to understand I'm a newbie and I'm still learning how to make finishing touches, but it makes sense right?for the background just changed it using brush tool and pre installed bruch image tool (maple leaf) put a text and that's it!

 I'm still learning more..



Flowers are everywhere...

Friday, June 18, 2010

A very nice afternoon greets me after having afternoon siesta this day as I walked around, I can't help noticed this beautiful flowers in our backyard this well taken care of " Euphorbia flower" that grown so well it's really so relaxing to watch the attractive colors of it I just want to pick some of it but suddenly I saw the thorns  it  was horrible then I remember the post I've made to my other blog " I like euphorbia" it's about Euphorbia flower's characteristics then I decided not the pick it...It's like a beautiful lady " hands off please" or else..( lol !!!)

This is the second flower that interests me if I'm not mistaken this beautiful white flower is called " White Angel" it looks like a Sampaguita flower here in the Philippines the only difference is that Sampaguita is smaller and is known for its fragrance while this White angel is not it's more on ornament but I really like it I actually love it's simplicity...it's like a pure soul maybe that is why they called it "White Angel"..hmmm... what do you think?

 I don't really know about this flower but it caught my attention because I love its color a Lavander flower indeed, it just grows in the wild I guess because I've seen this beside the grassy part of the backyard and I've also seen this everywhere...I love it...

I just pick it and just put this beside the white angel for a snap shot... isn't lovely?

This 4th photo is really exciting...It's a plant with blooming flowers the exciting part is that can you see a little butterfly  around? ahh..yes there is...the butterfly adopted the color and texture of the flower that's why you can't notice it easily..it's like a chameleon adopting itself to its environment...what a lovely scene of nature...

And just because I love flowers I can't help myself to share this moments with you as I take these photos passionately I have this wonderful feeling that completes me...so..more photos to come.


A bit about coffee...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I used to be a coffee drinker or I may say I'm addicted to it,  I remember I used to drink 4 - 5 cups a day but now I'm trying to lessen the urge of drinking it until I finally take it out of my system...why? because my doctor prohibits me to drink and so all caffeinated beverages because I'm having palpitations and I get acidic.

A bit about coffee...
       Coffee is a beverage made or brewed, from roasted bean (seed) of the coffee plant. Roasting the coffee beans brings out the characteristic coffee tang and aroma to someone who never tasted coffee before, its rich aroma maybe more appealing than the first bitter sip. but to people who have acquired a taste for coffee, it is so delicious and addictive.
Espresso coffee is darker and stronger than regular coffee it is traditionally made in a special espresso machine while Instant coffee is a coffee made twice why? because the coffee manufacturer brews a strong coffee and dries it into powder, it is made by brewing the coffee then evaporating the water out of it and processing the result is an Instant coffee. Manufacturers also developed a special kind of coffee called "Decaffeinated" which contain 1-2 percent caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps some people awake or makes them nervous,  thus caffeine is removed by soaking the unroasted beans in a chemical solvent or by steaming them.

That's just a bit about coffee...always remember all excessive intake is bad to your health so drink in moderation and help yourself to tempting aroma of it because it is so really addicting...cheersss!!!


A Newbie work using photoshop...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm so fascinated in arts...I remember my college days when I was into fine arts but I haven't finished it for many reason but still my heart is with it. I remember Fine Arts course is a manual art means you will draw using your bear hands sketching first then coloring using a water color et' al, that's the basic of Fine arts and it's time consuming plus the mood of an artist, that will depend of the finished work of art...but now I'm really so amazed how Photoshop and other software works, it makes the hard work easy for everyone and now I'm addicted to it..I'm still learning and exploring different tricks and techniques using Photoshop and everyday is a learning process that's the most exciting for me.

Here's a sample of my work I just edited my son's photo changed the background using brush tool put a pre- installed star shape in the photoshop, insert a text for the name of my baby and presto! a lovely work of art...isn't so amazing? for a newbie like me could create a beautiful art such as this...wow!!! I love it...every time I have created such a wonderful result  it gives me such self satisfaction, a happy feelings, it colors and outburst my artistic heart.

I'm looking forward to many more techniques to discover in photoshop.till next discoveries...


New Blog...New Header...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In every blog that has been successful there's a beautiful header and template involved, the very first thing I searched is a very nice template where I can put a lot of stuffs and this is it exactly, thank's to "Our Blogger Templates " for their beautiful and professional templates free of charge so for everyone who wants a very nice professional look templates for their blog "Our Blogger Templates" is the one you should not miss so check that site now...you'll gonna love it!.

As of My Header I just change the pre installed header of my own header, I'm proud to say that I'm the one who made this header using photoshop so it is unique...

 Just A simple tip for a newbie who wants to have their own blog to increase readers and followers, personalizing your page by using your personal touch, making your own different amongst others is a great way to have a successful blog that's one thing but a lot more...your passion, your conviction, your love and your best, hard work and patience in everything you do and  next will follow...



I've been into blogging for more than 2 months now...consistently, why/? because the very first blog I have made is "my frecious moment" started January at google site but I didn't take time to update and to give my hard work it is more on my personal diary of my feelings, the second is " My Shimmering Works " where I consistently update and give my best to increase readers and followers and gain more exposure of my shimmering works, my handmade crafts and I'm happy for the result of this blogging experience so I came up again for another blog for my daughter " Angel " My Only Angel's Blog...and now I'm happy so very much and also excited for this new blog I'm going to put my best to increase again traffic, for monetizing, for everything that I can share with you dear readers...I am again in the beginning of nowhere but I learned the ways now...I know where to go...so I'm hoping for your help my dear readers and followers of "My Shimmering Works" follow me again here in my new blog " A Bit of Everything ".

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