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Newbie Photo shots of nature...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm just walking around our compound when this hairy bee caught my attention and immediately after I just grab my digital camera to take a shot of it, I'm having a hard time taking this shot because the bee was so busy flying from a flower to another flower until I got the chance to take my shot and this is it...I'm enjoying watching this bee while sipping the sweet nectar of the flower to another flower while the pollen collects its body and this involves a "Pollination" it is a necessary step in the reproduction of flowering plants resulting in production of offspring.
Pollination requires consideration of "pollinizers" the term pollinizers and pollinators are often confused, "Pollinizers" is the plant that serves as a pollen source for other plants while the "Pollinator" is an agent that moves the pollen whether it is a bee, flies, bats, moths, or birds. Some plants are self fertile or can pollinate themselves.

While enjoying taking shots of the bee I craved for more interesting shots and this is the second shot I took... it interests me because I noticed the color of this insect I am confused if it is a fly or what it looks like a big fly but the color is like a bee, I never seen this before isn't it interesting?

I am amazed of this photo I never imagine I could take a shot as beautiful as this well...I guess it;s my camera I should give credits...this tiny ant climbing down the stem of this plant a lovely scene captured by a novice like me wow! it's really so rewarding...I'm beginning to love photography.

See more photos to come!!!


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