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Flowers are everywhere...

Friday, June 18, 2010

A very nice afternoon greets me after having afternoon siesta this day as I walked around, I can't help noticed this beautiful flowers in our backyard this well taken care of " Euphorbia flower" that grown so well it's really so relaxing to watch the attractive colors of it I just want to pick some of it but suddenly I saw the thorns  it  was horrible then I remember the post I've made to my other blog " I like euphorbia" it's about Euphorbia flower's characteristics then I decided not the pick it...It's like a beautiful lady " hands off please" or else..( lol !!!)

This is the second flower that interests me if I'm not mistaken this beautiful white flower is called " White Angel" it looks like a Sampaguita flower here in the Philippines the only difference is that Sampaguita is smaller and is known for its fragrance while this White angel is not it's more on ornament but I really like it I actually love it's simplicity...it's like a pure soul maybe that is why they called it "White Angel"..hmmm... what do you think?

 I don't really know about this flower but it caught my attention because I love its color a Lavander flower indeed, it just grows in the wild I guess because I've seen this beside the grassy part of the backyard and I've also seen this everywhere...I love it...

I just pick it and just put this beside the white angel for a snap shot... isn't lovely?

This 4th photo is really exciting...It's a plant with blooming flowers the exciting part is that can you see a little butterfly  around? ahh..yes there is...the butterfly adopted the color and texture of the flower that's why you can't notice it easily..it's like a chameleon adopting itself to its environment...what a lovely scene of nature...

And just because I love flowers I can't help myself to share this moments with you as I take these photos passionately I have this wonderful feeling that completes me...so..more photos to come.


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