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A Newbie work using photoshop...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm so fascinated in arts...I remember my college days when I was into fine arts but I haven't finished it for many reason but still my heart is with it. I remember Fine Arts course is a manual art means you will draw using your bear hands sketching first then coloring using a water color et' al, that's the basic of Fine arts and it's time consuming plus the mood of an artist, that will depend of the finished work of art...but now I'm really so amazed how Photoshop and other software works, it makes the hard work easy for everyone and now I'm addicted to it..I'm still learning and exploring different tricks and techniques using Photoshop and everyday is a learning process that's the most exciting for me.

Here's a sample of my work I just edited my son's photo changed the background using brush tool put a pre- installed star shape in the photoshop, insert a text for the name of my baby and presto! a lovely work of art...isn't so amazing? for a newbie like me could create a beautiful art such as this...wow!!! I love it...every time I have created such a wonderful result  it gives me such self satisfaction, a happy feelings, it colors and outburst my artistic heart.

I'm looking forward to many more techniques to discover in photoshop.till next discoveries...


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