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See Natures wonders in our Backyard...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Isn't so relaxing looking for the wonders of nature? well for me it is...that is why I can't help myself taking photos of natures wonder in the comfort of our own backyard and this is what I saw a beautiful flower, this flower is a single flower that looks a bouquet of flowers isn't it? actually I didn't know about this flower so I searched about it and found out that this is what they call "Coronitas" (scientific name: Lantana camara L.) here in the Philippines it was called "Kantutay" hmmm..sounds awful lol! anyway I love the colors of it and the flower itself disregard the name...Lol!

Next... if you haven't take time to look at a Guava tree you wouldn't notice it has a beautiful flower...This is actually the flower of a Guava fruit isn't it so beautiful?

English name: Guava
Tagalog name: Bayabas
Scientific name:Psidium guajava L.

Guava fruit has a lot of health benefits,nutritional values and also used in culinary and medicinal purposes,in folk medicine it is known to be a remedy for diarrhea ,dysentery and fever while extract from guava leaves or bark are implicated in therapeutic mechanism against cancer,bacterial infections,inflammation and pain.  

This photo interests me because I don't know why this Santol leaves looks ugly as it is...it's kinda different amongst other some says that there are micro organisms live there the clusters that gives an ugly look of the leaves is actually their home..
Another thing is that I really like the santol fruit especially if it is sweet I actually swallowed some of  the seeds of it but then I found out that the seeds of santol is inedible and can actually caused intestinal perforation if swallowed thank God it didn't happened to me.

It's harvest time! but before that I've just take a shot of it that includes this army of ants whooow...be careful... it hurts when it bites..this ants called "karag" here in our place.
This Guyabano or "Sour sop" is somewhat says "The Fruit that heals" and I personally believed in it...click the link for full details.

These are some of natures wonder in our backyard and a lot more...imagine if you go out in the wild there might be thousands or million or billions of wonders,species you can see.. that's so interesting!

See more interesting photos to come...


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