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Tips for blog new look and feel...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

As I am back into blogging I also want a new look on my blog and this is what I'm being busy with yesterday...I started with the banner that suites my taste I chose this colorful lines design that is fascinating in the eyes and I love the colors of it...isn't lovely? I used CS3 to make the banner and size it to 970x202 pixel. Next is to customize template,the Backgrounds, borders, text, etc. In order to have it appealing to the readers the colors should compliment with each other especially to the colors of the banner in which,where you can get different color variations that will blend and compliment, but still don't forget that it should also incorporate to the text colors, background, especially to the post text color where the readers get information of the content, background content color should be lighter and the text should be darker so that the readers can clearly read it's content and the background is appealing in the eyes. Lastly is to arranged layers and it's content, just drag and drop according to your liking and that's it! A New look and feel.


Art Contest, Digital Drawings and More...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello everyone! I would like to share my other hobby aside from jewelry making I'm an artist at heart for all you know though I can't really push it through because of I'm really having a hard time on time management..but this is what I really love to do...I became a member here last year and it brings out the best in me.
Pxleyes.com where I can use my talent to earn as well because in this site they have a lot of contest with regards in the art such as Photography, digital drawings, photoshop, 3D contest etc. In my case I submitted 6 entries but as a newbie I know have to learn more but the most important is I learned and enjoy my work of art...next time I will post my submitted entries a year ago, oh...btw entries of the contest will win by votes.


Still love Blogging

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sometimes I feel I can no longer maintain my blogs but a part of my mind still longing to do these things...It's one of my passion and a great opportunity to earn as well but unfortunately I just left my blogs behind due to  so much work at home being a full time house mom...oh..it's hard to be one...even though, still rewarding for me because my family is my life, maybe this time I just need to work hard on time management, to put priorities on top and give time to others...nevertheless, still love Blogging!..until next folks...have a blessed day everyone!

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