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CO.CC free domain just vanished???ouch...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have just found out this morning after checking my blogs that My Shimmering Works blog were no longer appearing on the internet and it is so frustrating oh my head! I thought it' was just a down time on blogspot but it's just my site that is not appearing so I gooled it and found out the sad news about .CO.CC free domain and million other site using this co.cc was blocked by google due to spam/abuse and not legally registered TLD. I am one of those unfortunate affected by this BIG incident on the internet because I am using .co.cc domain for my other blog (My Shimmering Works) and now I am lost, back to basic and I don't know where to start  though my works was still there but I have to manually edit links, pages, and most of all the advertiser's script on my site and resubmit again to search engines ohhh my! that's a lot of work to do, and now I have learned my lesson that if you're into getting serious into making the site earning and stable you should have to get a reliable and well known domain such as .com, .net, .org etc. though it wil cost you but in the future it's worth it, well... I will definitely get one sometime, the sad new ends here and a new beginning for a simple blogger like me , who hate spammers as you do, who abide the rules and never done anything bad and illegal, well... that's me! just wanting to have a taste for " free " and it taste awful!.


Annoying ads from Globe

Saturday, October 27, 2012

About 3 days ago, and I just not notice but it pop up so clearly and it's really annoying!...I thought it was a malware or virus because it's just popping up on every site I visit good thing for me is I practice every time that I don't click on links, images, or sites that I don't recognize and visit, so my initial reaction after seeing this ads from globe that until now is appearing on my browser is to scan my system for a possible virus or malware and good for me my system is clean so I googled about this annoying ads from them and I've read so many globe tatoo subscribers also experiencing this and it's not good. Here's a sample of it:

let's add how it pop -up this big

Isn't it so annoying? that's why I can't help but to complain just like many others...I've search on how can I get this out of my system and some says you need an application to block it but I'm not a computer geek to do this and afraid of the risk also,  I've also read that GLOBE already dropped the implementation of this Globe itool bar last may 2012  but why it's still my system (10/25/2012) ??? Why? Now, just hoping that one day I will not see this annoying ad's from Globe anymore.  


Closet clean up time - HTC Touch pro / Fuze

Friday, October 19, 2012

Closet clean up time and here this HTC phone got my attention I rarely use it because it was a spare phone no wonder this phone still in 98% smooth cosmetic and very good condition, it is indeed a very nice phone with Windows mobile 6.1 OS however since android phone got it's way up while Windows Mobile was left behind...I obviously turn my side to android phone since it's the latest and much user friendly interface considering lot's of free apps to download, I can't help but compare them and I can't deny it, I am an android fan. For the record HTC is one of the best brand on mobile phones so I am proud I got one from the best...anyways since I rarely used it and I need money for my expenses I need to let go of this best phone and you can also have it as it was available for sale on my ebay.ph listings so you can buy with confidence check out my other items too. I can accept paypal payment if buyer is willing to shoulder paypal fees, widrawal fees and other charges. For complete specifications and user reviews visit GSM Arena

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