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Annoying ads from Globe

Saturday, October 27, 2012

About 3 days ago, and I just not notice but it pop up so clearly and it's really annoying!...I thought it was a malware or virus because it's just popping up on every site I visit good thing for me is I practice every time that I don't click on links, images, or sites that I don't recognize and visit, so my initial reaction after seeing this ads from globe that until now is appearing on my browser is to scan my system for a possible virus or malware and good for me my system is clean so I googled about this annoying ads from them and I've read so many globe tatoo subscribers also experiencing this and it's not good. Here's a sample of it:

let's add how it pop -up this big

Isn't it so annoying? that's why I can't help but to complain just like many others...I've search on how can I get this out of my system and some says you need an application to block it but I'm not a computer geek to do this and afraid of the risk also,  I've also read that GLOBE already dropped the implementation of this Globe itool bar last may 2012  but why it's still my system (10/25/2012) ??? Why? Now, just hoping that one day I will not see this annoying ad's from Globe anymore.  


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