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Great Shoes at its best Price

Monday, July 26, 2010

If you are planning to buy a shoes online it is important to find a right quality shoes, here I find "Clark Shoes" that is known for its comfort, quality and durability for many years now and offers thousands of quality shoes, sandals, wedges, women's shoes, men's shoes et al, so you are assured of without even seeing it personally because you can compare prices within the shoe section to find the right  "Clark Shoes" at its best price and before you buy you can get details, product reviews, shipping guides and tips, also take advantage of their Free Shipping offer.

Here I found this lovely Clark South beach Wedge Sandals

South Beach by Clarks at Zappos.com

South Beach by
Zappos.com - Powered by Service

I really love this Wedge it looks fresh, fashionable and trendy with full grained leather upper in a criss-cross design, adjustable strap and soft insole, cushioning and support for instant comfort. I can imagine myself wearing this lovely wedge without my ankle getting hurt while strolling around, I can use it anywhere in any occasion and will compliment to any of my outfits, wow!!! I'm having a day dream with this wedge sandals...How I wish I can have this wedge sandals...well... I should start saving now.


Amazing Photos from Dreamstime

Guy's I wanted to share to you what I have found because of my passion in photography though I'm not a professional photographer or maybe I wanted to be one...hoping! I'm just browsing around the net for a free photos and I got into this site Dreamstime.com and I find it so interesting and I love their photos here's a sample of it.

Isn't so beautiful? I bet you do agree with me plus the fact that you can download it for free but of course terms and conditions applied before downloading, they have thousands of free stock photos, they have High Resolution quality photos available for purchase for as low as 10.35 Php wow! it's kinda dirty cheap right? Another thing, especially to us bloggers it is important to have photos in our blog post right? so whether you're a photographer,web designer or a blogger we need photos, so I decided to immediately sign up for an account in case I need photos for my blog I'll just search for free stock photos or purchase one will be a great help.
And before I forgot after I signed up and read terms and I saw this referral program where you can earn commission by referring prospective photographers and buyers or just spread the words of "Dreamstime Stock Photography" and if you are a photographer you can earn by uploading your own quality photos.

Pink Rose Photo is brought to you by Dreamstime Stock Photography.


My Butterfly Photo

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It took me 100 years to finally took this butterfly photo lol! kidding aside it's so hard to take photos with moving subject it took me a lot of shots to finally have a very nice capture of this butterfly maybe the butterfly permitted me to take a photo of her after so long of waiting haha..I even talked to her like a crazy and desperate one but I think it works hehe...

and I'm proud of my work see how beautiful the butterfly posed and say "cheese" lol! I really love to take photos of everything that is beautiful including myself haha...anyways I just used a 4.1 mega pixel camera sony cybershot digital camera and it's works amazingly what more on a high end cameras?that is why I upgrade and  already bid on an 8.3 megapixel digicam not latest but much better though,or anybody wants to share their blessings and buy me a 12 megapixel digital camera? I  prefer Canon or Sony cybershot wow! choosy!...haha! what do you think?do I have the guts to be a photograper?lol! love it!...


I'm Back...with late news to share

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weee..It's nice to be back blogging after a week of boring times without internet connection and power supply here in our place because of the recent storm at last my internet is back now hope it won't failed again haha...although I've read in the news that there will be another low pressure oh my! hope this won't give us such destruction like the recent storm "basyang" take a look of the photo below.

This photo was taken the day after the storm we woke up with a super strong wind and noisy sound of  the roofs and we checked out we found the roof and the fences were blown by the wind and some roofs were not ours imagine that...we're still so lucky it's just that compare to others that half of their homes were devastated.
Many establishment and properties suffered and lives were lost in the town proper because of the huge cargo ships, huge barge.been cast away in the mariveles brake water and more fishing boats sank, I personally seen this horrible tragedy  I just don't have my camera to take a shot because I left it at home and didn't know I will be heading towards the exact place where it happened, I'm just going that time to the market to buy foods and supplies...Oh my Gosh! the only words slipped to my mouth and get out of there quickly because I can't bear to see those dead bodies tsk...tsk..tsk..

here's the link of the news of sea tragedy in bataan:

Life is just like that, too short... so live with a meaningful life, love your life and make the most out of it that's what I've learned.


I missed blogging...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh My!...I really missed blogging it's been almost a week know but up to this moment I have internet connection problems because of the recent storm "Basyang", as of the moment I have 2G connection or a slow connection that's why I can't post with images even this post it took me a while to complete loading...oh so sad!because I missed you all guy's the blog hoping, reading blog posts while leaving footprints of my blogs,my readers and visitors I love to hear your comments and my co-bloggers out there hey! I see I missed a lot of your blog post well...I should read it as soon as my internet is okey.

To all my Pre-Birthday Giveaway entries I will get back to you soon and update your entries, I have so much ideas to post and news to share about the happenings here just like the recent storm"Basyang" well...it's too late for me to broadcast, it's been in the news and televisions, I personally experienced and saw the destruction caused by "basyang" that left us ruined properties and establishments and many lives were lost.

I'm so thankful we are safe now without any harm done just a small roof blown by the wind and broken fences.and some of our plants were devastated plus the internet connection up to now huhu!!!

anyways, I'll be back soon...


My Pre - Birthday Giveaway Contest

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look at this fabulous New York & Co.purple hematite finish double strand necklace at $ 20.00 value isn't so beautiful? wanna have this For free? I'm sure it's yes!..well...not only this look at the other photos below...all of that beautiful jewelries will be yours for free in my "Pre-Birthday Giveaway Contest".

Since it's the month of July, my Birthday is coming near whowww!...I'm getting younger and younger haha... so I would like to give this jewelries to one lucky winner of this Giveaway. 

Now let me tell you how to win this...it's just like any other Giveaways and Contests the more entries...the more chance of winning..and it's so easy to join...how?

Just so simple...any of this way will do, but the more entries the more chance of winning right?

a. Blog about this Giveaway (5 entries) more blogs  more entries
b. Follow me thru google connect any of my 3 blogs. (2 entries each blog)
c.) Post a comment on any of my blog (2 entries)
d.) Grab my Buttons (2 entries each blog buttons) and paste it to your blog.or include me in your link list or blog roll.
e.) subscribe via feedburner or feedage (3 entries)
f..) Post a comment on my post to any of my blogs when you visit me (1entry per comment )
f.) be my friend even after the giveaway... hahaha...

That's it! simple isn't it you btw. you don't need to do all this things just any of this will gain you an entry but as I've said the more entries the more chance of

When your done with gaining an entry just post a comment about the details of your entries plus your name and url I will manually check and update your entries...This Pre-Birthday Giveaway is Open July 8, 2010 and will last on Aug 15, 2010  and I will post the winner exactly on My Birthday Aug 22, 2010 - 8:00 pm Philippine Time.

FYI: All this stuffs is a $40.00 Value...for raffling the entries is thru random.org

                                            " OPEN TO ALL BLOGGERS WORLDWIDE "


New Blog with my own domain

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's been awhile since my last post here I've been busy establishing another blog because of a new domain name given to me as a gift of a new friend "Riz" I'm so thankful because of this I really like to have my own domain and take note this domain name carried my name so I should have it known...I hope! haha...I'm inviting you guys to visit it and post a comment or feedback thank you!

here's a snap shot of it, to view full and visit my new blog click: My Frecious 

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