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I missed blogging...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh My!...I really missed blogging it's been almost a week know but up to this moment I have internet connection problems because of the recent storm "Basyang", as of the moment I have 2G connection or a slow connection that's why I can't post with images even this post it took me a while to complete loading...oh so sad!because I missed you all guy's the blog hoping, reading blog posts while leaving footprints of my blogs,my readers and visitors I love to hear your comments and my co-bloggers out there hey! I see I missed a lot of your blog post well...I should read it as soon as my internet is okey.

To all my Pre-Birthday Giveaway entries I will get back to you soon and update your entries, I have so much ideas to post and news to share about the happenings here just like the recent storm"Basyang" well...it's too late for me to broadcast, it's been in the news and televisions, I personally experienced and saw the destruction caused by "basyang" that left us ruined properties and establishments and many lives were lost.

I'm so thankful we are safe now without any harm done just a small roof blown by the wind and broken fences.and some of our plants were devastated plus the internet connection up to now huhu!!!

anyways, I'll be back soon...

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