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I Love Roses...

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Garden of  Roses...I took a shots of my roses in our mini garden just because I love flowers especially roses it really adds beauty in the surroundings but do you know that aside of garden beauty it brings, it also gives a lot of benefit for everyone?.

The name Rose comes from french, Rose perrinial flower shrub or vine of genus rosa in Rosaceae family that contains over 100 species and comes variety of colours.
Rose flower has been used in perfumes for centuries,
Rose water, made from rose oil used in asian and middle eastern cuisine while "Rose Syrup" is an extract from rose petals which french is known for it, this french rose syrup is used to make rose scones and marshmallows in the united states, rose hips are occasionally made into jam, jelly, and marmalade.

It is also used as Rose tea because of its high Vitamin C content.
Rose hip seed oil used in skin products and some make-up products.
Roses are very essential from "Florists" for ornamental purposes commonly used a flower bouquet for an occasion its exquisite beauty brings colors and life  to the occasion.

Roses also used as a simple token of affection and love of a man to a women so it's is very useful in a man courting a woman who wanted to win the heart of the woman...I remember my hubby always gave me a bunch of white roses and he succeeded...maybe because he gave me white roses he told me that is a symbol of pure intentions of love and I believed in him until now.

Giving roses to our love ones are very common but still is a must for it symbolizes our feelings, affections, and love.


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