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Scam Email from Paypal????Beware!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Everyday I received a lot of spam emails on my yahoo account I see to it that I read all those spam very well why?not because I like it but because of the fact that I learned from it...I learned how to distinguished a valid email from a spam although my email provider already filtered it but there's still there are some who goes to my inbox anyway, I'm not that person who is easily  be scammed,  well..that's right! I practice the saying that in order for you not to be scammed think as a scammer first...that's really true. I doesn't give my personal/private information to whom I cannot trust...I doesn't believe in any emails I received daily without any idea why I'm receiving it also especially when there's a link from it that requires any personal information to input for any reason or verification purpose needed...be aware that's the key...

Here's a sample of a scam email I have received from they acclaimed to be Paypal...????

This is a snap shot of it from my browser just click the image to zoom...written in Spanish while my Paypal account used English, apply for some logic this is commonly used to confused the receipient not to understand and just click on the link.
What I understand is that my Paypal account is temporarily suspended due to failure to access the Paypal account using a dynamic IP address. for me to access again I have to click the link. wow! that's because I can't believe it and I'm confused I think trice if I will click the link... then I decided to go directly to Paypal homepage from my browser then access my account and I found that this email is a total fraud,scam.
And now I'm thankful to my instinct lol!, this post is for everyone who has a Paypal account be aware and as much as possible don't use link from emails to access your private, confidential especially financial account, just go directly to their homepage or much better for security reasons use private browsing.


katy June 21, 2010 at 11:58 PM  

hi sis, thats true we chould really be extra careful, thank god u didnt click those link, thanks for the info,ill surely be very vigilant now..ingat sis

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