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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've been into blogging for more than 2 months now...consistently, why/? because the very first blog I have made is "my frecious moment" started January at google site but I didn't take time to update and to give my hard work it is more on my personal diary of my feelings, the second is " My Shimmering Works " where I consistently update and give my best to increase readers and followers and gain more exposure of my shimmering works, my handmade crafts and I'm happy for the result of this blogging experience so I came up again for another blog for my daughter " Angel " My Only Angel's Blog...and now I'm happy so very much and also excited for this new blog I'm going to put my best to increase again traffic, for monetizing, for everything that I can share with you dear readers...I am again in the beginning of nowhere but I learned the ways now...I know where to go...so I'm hoping for your help my dear readers and followers of "My Shimmering Works" follow me again here in my new blog " A Bit of Everything ".


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